Leading as a Christian

Some not so random thoughts on the nature of church and Christian leadership.

  • Leadership is peacemaking
  • Leadership is about extending grace
  • Leadership is about being connected to God
  • Leadership has nothing to do with your agenda
  • Leadership has everything to do with the Kingdom
  • Leadership does not give you power over but responsibility to
  • Leadership is in front of NOT above.
  • Leadership is not about power but about serving
  • you lead the charge when it comes to having radical life-changing faith, you don’t get to throw people to the wolves.
  • Submission is not to ‘leaders’ but to God and one another.
  • The hierarchically most high person is submitted to the least high person as much as anyone.
  • Spiritual authority is just that–spiritual. It does not mean you get to flaunt your power over others.
  • As a Christian leader you are not in charge, Christ is.
  • It is not about you, its about people whom Christ Jesus Loves.
Its time for the church to begin to live as the church. It is time for the church to stand against the heresy of the absolute power of any institution, any person, or any theology. Jesus Christ is the only absolute authority. It is time for the true church of Jesus Christ to rise up and declare their allegiance–not to any institution or person–but to a King and a Kingdom. It is time to recognize why we exist–not to make converts–but to love people, to represent Christ to each other and the world. To forgive as Christ forgave, to love as Christ loved, to declare with Christ freedom to the captive and liberty to those who are oppressed, the good news to the poor, and sight to the blind.

It is time to let go of the theologies of man and cling with ferocity to the cross and Kingdom of Jesus Christ our Lord. It is time to allow God to be God, to allow for the great paradoxes on which our faith rests. To become comfortable outside of the confines of the scientific rationalism of modernity. To step away from the religion of our fathers to the faith of The Fathers. The faith of men like Paul, Peter, John, and Jesus. The faith of Thomas who looked at Jesus and in one breathless moment declared with absolute certainty “My Lord and My God!” who let that moment lead to a lifetime commitment to the risen Saviour.

Let us recognize our God, let God be God, of our churches, of our lives, of our relationships. Let us quit trying to force God on the world; live our lives before Him; let His power work through us; watch the world come to us as we submit ourselves to Him. For leadership, or conversion, with the edge of the sword, fear, guilt, shame, manipulation, or power does not glorify God but man; it doesn’t grow God’s kingdom but ours; it doesn’t bring healing, it doesn’t bring freedom, it brings a new kind of prison. Therefore, let us change, let us glorify the Father with our lives, and the love of Christ.
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