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Jesus’ greatest victory was in that moment yet he didn’t claim the victory, and I for one, am not brave enough to suggest the Father scolded Jesus later for his negativity and lack if faith. Or maybe the Father told Jesus He needed to understand the truth that if course he had not forsaken him. But somehow I don’t think so… The reality of that moment is that Jesus felt forsaken and rejected, and he expressed that feeling to the Father and to the world.

To borrow a term from Henri Nouwen Jesus is the wounded healer. Our challenge is to also become wounded healers. What does it mean to be a wounded healer? It means doing the hard work of being with others in their woundedness.


I think most of the time when we give someone one of the easy “Christian answers” its because we are scared. It’s scary to be with people in their hurt and woundedness. It makes us feel vulnerable and possibly reminds us of our own wounds. It makes us have to deal with one of the hard realities of life–sometimes life sucks. Sometimes we have to recognize the unredeemededness of the world around us. We have to recognize that we live in the not yet.


So much of the Christian life is recognizing the tension between the already and the not yet. Do we have victory in Jesus–yes, we do, however it is not yet complete. We live in the tension. The reality may not be realized in this life. As followers of Christ it is part of our call not to offer easy satisfying answers but to recognize the unredeemed not yets of the world and learn to become comfortable living in that tension.
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