Big Theology

We “westerners” (the US and much of Europe) have spent a considerable amount of time in working out our theology we have built all of these very logical categories for theology. We have committed ourselves to the propagation of those categories such as harmatology, soteriology, anthropology, eschatology, etc… and while there is nothing wrong with those categories in general their is a tendency in the use of these very categorized logical theological concepts to become myopic and dogmatic in our understanding of God and our relationship with Him.

I think it is time not for so much a new theology but a larger theology. Our theology tends to answer lots of head questions about God, we should be answering heart questions. We talk about the soul in our theology and its salvation or damnation, but do we have a theology of soul care?? or is our soul only need to be saved, and not cared for? We talk about the church as a community in our ecclesiology but do we have a theology of community? We talk about salvation and Christianity and say that it is a relationship not religion, but do we have a theology of relationship?
It seems to me that not only are these questions that we need to answer but they may be the more important questions. It is time for us to build a theology that is bigger, one that informs the way we live on a daily basis. The Bible never gives categorized theological statements, it deals with the lives of the followers of God. It is God revealing himself to His people and answering questions about what I should do here and now. It is God interacting with His people, and through looking at that interaction He intends us to learn how to interact with Him and with each other.
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